Development of 3D models for brass parts

When manufacturing brass parts we widely use 3D simulation, which is used both when we develop the new products and when test products for assembling.

Modern software, professional designers and experience in the production of parts by hot forging can reduce production time and the introduction of new brass products, as well as to guarantee high quality at the design stage.When developing 3D models of parts we pay our attention to manufacturability. It largely affects the manufacturing cost of the future product. On request our specialists can quickly create a 3D model with a drawing or a sample of the items.

If you have only a drawing, the 3D model is constructed according

Production of the press molds for brass forging

Our tool maintenance department is a specialized unit of the company for the production of press molds for volumetric hot brass forging and other items needed in the process.Having at our disposal a unique experience, highly qualified staff and park of mechanical, electrophysical and forging equipment,

"STA" company is ready to perform works on the design and manufacturing the molds for forging brass parts and other production tools with high quality and as soon as is practicable.During the manufacturing of the molds the advanced technological processes are widely used:

profile and coordinate grinding; electrophysical processing; processing by synthetic diamonds;

Volumetric hot brass forging

Our company accepts orders for volumetric hot brass forging for the machine-building enterprises, companies of automotive and electrical industry, oil and gas industry and other organizations including.

We are constantly expanding the range of our customers and through continuous quality control of the finished product their number is increasing every year.Quality control is carried out at all stages of production which explains the low level of the defects of our products.The production capacity of the company allows producing parts both for the ready standard projects and for new projects according to individual orders.

To forge the brass we use the universal forging presses with big

СNС machining of the brass parts

An important advantage of our production is the process automation of brass workpieces machining on the machines with CNC. It makes possible to process the whole range of products that can be made on universal machines corresponding types.

Automatic processing of the parts on CNC machines ensures the stability of the quality and identity of the produced units of the whole lot, as the negative factors that occur during manual operation are excluded. We use standard and special cutting tools during the processing.The cutting tools must be with high accuracy and stiffness, quick changing,

durable and reliable, allowing us to perform all major types of surface treatment of the parts.

Parts assembling and quality control

The final step in the manufacturing process of brass products is the assembling of products and output quality control followed by packaging. The technological process of assembling is determined by the design of the product.

Particular attention is paid to the correct assembly of the combination of components, compliance with the axial and radial clearances, tightening the thread connections with a certain force and ensuring leak resistance of mating parts with special gaskets and sealants. Product quality control in a separate process that allows to respond quickly the possible deviations in compliance

of the ready products quality to the requirements of the standards or techn

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Brass ball valve

Brass Ball valve is the modern kind of valves for waterBrass Ball valve is the modern kind of valves for water, which is produced in Ukraine now only by our company since 2012. To organize the production of brass ball valves we organized the production capacity - production facilities ...

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Brass union

Brass socketBrass union is the type of pipe connection fittings which allows obtaining quick release connections, where appropriate, for devices that require periodic assembly / disassembly for maintenance (strainers, metering devices, etc.)

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Brass Y-strainers

Brass Y-strainers"STA"  company produces well-known and reliable Y-strainers with stainless steel mesh for water and non- aggressive liquids of solids. Such strainers can be made in several series: "Standard" is ordinary type and "Premium"...

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Brass check valves

production of check valves of brassBrass check valves are the simple devices for preventing reverse flow of fluid when the direction of its movement reversed.Check valves of our production have a classic design of the spring valve(body consists of two threaded parts...

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Brass bypass valves for heating

Brass bypass valves for heating system Brass bypass valves for heating system are the special brass valves with original design with gate element in the form of rubber ball and use for installation in bypass to prevent overheating of boilers with a circulating...

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Brass caps and lock nuts

Brass caps and lock nutsBrass caps and lock nuts are threaded fittings and used for connection or locking of pipelines and systems. Due to its high corrosion resistance the brass caps and lock nuts are more preferable to use than similar products made ...

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Brass plugs and nipples

Brass plugs and nipples Brass plugs and nipples are used to connect pipelines or devices with main pipes of the same or different diameters. As the pipes are mainly used of steel, the method of "splicing" and mutual "penetration" of the thread on the border...

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Brass threaded sockets and reducers

Brass threaded sockets and reducers Brass threaded sockets and reducers are very common elements for connecting main pipes with same or different diameters. Despite the great diversity of this type of fitting on the market, the customers often need nonstandard...

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Brass tees and elbows

Brass tees and elbows Brass tees and elbows are threaded fittings for branching and changing the direction of the pipeline to 90 degrees. They are made by hot forging which ensures high strength and excellent quality of products both in standard design...

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Brass inserts for PPR fittings

Brass inserts for PPR fittingsWe produce brass inserts for PPR fittings with better quality among suppliers offered in the Ukraine. Today the manufacturers of PPR fitting cannot avoid nickel-plating the brass threaded inserts, which are important components in their products...

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We welcome you to our website - the site of one of the leading manufacturers of brass parts and products made of brass in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Having started its history in 2002 as a manufacturer of the steel pipe fittings, "STA" company is constantly expanding the range of products.

To start the production of brass products significant means have been invested in new production facilities, modern equipment, advanced technology and staff training. Investment and efforts made it possible in 2012, to master the production of brass ball valves for water with diameters from ½ to 2 inches the first in Ukraine, as well as a large range of various brass fittings and products for special purposes.

We continue to develop and improve technologies to an increasing customer satisfaction and market requirements for the manufacture of products made of brass. Thanks to our existing experience, technology and equipment, we offer to businesses that use in their manufacturing brass parts, their serial production by provided drawings or samples.

We are ready to develop the technology to produce the necessary equipment (molds and tooling) according to your samples (sketches, drawings), and within a specified time to produce an agreed number of high quality brass products. Confirmation of the correctness of the chosen tactic of manufacturing brass parts are constantly growing number of customers and sales volumes, enabling us to improve the quality of our products and maintain competitive prices on the market for our products.


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