Development of 3D models for brass parts

When manufacturing brass parts we widely use 3D simulation, which is used both when we develop the new products and when test products for assembling.
Modern software, professional designers and experience in the production of parts by hot forging can reduce production time and the introduction of new brass products, as well as to guarantee high quality at the design stage.When developing 3D models of parts we pay our attention to manufacturability. It largely affects the manufacturing cost of the future product. On request our specialists can quickly create a 3D model with a drawing or a sample of the items.
If you have only a drawing, the 3D model is constructed according to the sizes indicated in it, taking into account the special features of production, which allows further carry out the necessary preparation of production for the manufacture of the press mold and speed up its implementation. If you have just a sample of the items, to create its 3D-model we need to take the exact parameters of this part. Our experts have significant experience in similar works and will make recommendations for process optimization with a maximum savings of material and process costs. Our job is a well-organized process based on years of experience. Professionalism and responsibility of our staff guarantee the high quality of work and the minimum turnaround time.