СNС machining of the brass parts

An important advantage of our production is the process automation of brass workpieces machining on the machines with CNC. It makes possible to process the whole range of products that can be made on universal machines corresponding types.
Automatic processing of the parts on CNC machines ensures the stability of the quality and identity of the produced units of the whole lot, as the negative factors that occur during manual operation are excluded. We use standard and special cutting tools during the processing.The cutting tools must be with high accuracy and stiffness, quick changing, durable and reliable, allowing us to perform all major types of surface treatment of the parts.
Computer numerical control (CNC) machines allow to:
  • Automate processing;
  • To reduce the machine’s setup time, allowing to install just the tools, workpiece and program on the machine;
  • Organize multimachine service in mass and small-scale production;
  • Increase productivity, production culture and quality of the machined parts.