Production of the press molds for brass forging

Our tool maintenance department is a specialized unit of the company for the production of press molds for volumetric hot brass forging and other items needed in the process.Having at our disposal a unique experience, highly qualified staff and park of mechanical, electrophysical and forging equipment, "STA" company is ready to perform works on the design and manufacturing the molds for forging brass parts and other production tools with high quality and as soon as is practicable.
During the manufacturing of the molds the advanced technological processes are widely used:
  • profile and coordinate grinding;
  • electrophysical processing;
  • processing by synthetic diamonds;
  • processing on CNC machines.
Thanks to the modern technical solutions we implement the most complex projects. Regardless of the volume and complexity our company makes every effort to perform tasks as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. The product of our tool maintenance department (molds and other equipment) provides the high quality of the ready products and long lifetime of the machine-tool equipment. Production of mold is carried out according to the accepted standards and norms.

We use the most reliable materials during the molds production that provide maximum durability of the products. Because of this our regular customers significantly reduce costs and product quality remains at a high level.