Volumetric hot brass forging

Our company accepts orders for volumetric hot brass forging for the machine-building enterprises, companies of automotive and electrical industry, oil and gas industry and other organizations including.
We are constantly expanding the range of our customers and through continuous quality control of the finished product their number is increasing every year.Quality control is carried out at all stages of production which explains the low level of the defects of our products.The production capacity of the company allows producing parts both for the ready standard projects and for new projects according to individual orders.
To forge the brass we use the universal forging presses with big capacity. Brass is quite ductile metal that allows making parts with high structural complexity. Production of some of them requires multiple operations on presses of different tonnage. Further processing of the brass is minimal which means that products of this metal can be delivered to the customer in the shortest possible time at the lowest cost. Our hot forging department produces billets with improved performance due to the compaction of metal under the influence of press force. Our company has enough technological capabilities to produce brass parts of any complexity for you by way of hot forging. The area of their further usage is of no importance we will provide high quality products regardless of its application.
Compared to the standard die casting the hot brass forging technology allows to:
  • Reduce consumption of non-ferrous alloy up to 20-40%;
  • Increase productivity by reducing the number of processing operations;
  • practically nullify the defects compared with the die casting method of production;
  • Increase the strength and accordingly reliability and durability of the components.